After many successful years on the market and in use, Telelumen is obsoleting the Light Replicator ™ at the end of 2019.

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Telelumen is advancing the science of lighting and its effects on the human experience by providing the precision spectral tuning tools that measure, replicate and play light spectra in their infinite variations. Total control of the light spectrum and analysis of its characteristics are the defining features of Telelumen products. Software control is key to quickly designing experiments of light’s effects on humans, plants, and animals. It is also the key to the design of light for commercial light fixtures, human centric lighting, and tests of human perception and reaction to various light stimuli.  For an excellent example of Telelumen product use in a hospital setting, under the guidance of the Lighting Enabled Systems & Application (LESA) center at RPI, to look at the benefits of full spectrum lighting, click here.

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New Product announcement:

Telelumen has adapted the Octa Light Player to viewing booth configurations for color critical viewing and photography. For more information click here.

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Notice: Product Obsolescence

Humans have evolved for millions of years under the sun’s radiation that’s filtered by the earth’s atmosphere and more commonly known as daylight.  At Telelumen we believe that the ability to reproduce a natural dawn-to-dusk light spectrum is essential for the human experience - true human centric lighting.  Advances in solid state LED lighting combined with state-of-the-art software, networking and control technologies, have enabled Telelumen to produce light spectra which can be made to closely match the dynamic illumination which occurs in nature. Our goal is to provide solutions for reproducing visible light spectra, and in a general way, further the mathematics and science relating to illumination and the visible spectrum.  At Telelumen we innovate to create  illumination systems that not only replicate the quality and rhythm of daylight, but also easily and intuitively create almost any synthesized light spectra that the user can design. It is Smart Lighting, human centric lighting, at its best.

​​​​​TELELUMEN  -  the  original   home  of  Spectral  Tuning

Telelumen provides a flexible, computer programmable light replicator that allows the user to playback light recordings and / or any Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) in the visible spectrum over time with a multicolor light source. The system software provides accurate, easily changeable SPDs to be used as a stimulus for any type of light environment experimentation or lighting design. This system is unequaled in the industry in its capability, flexibility and spectral tuning design.  The light playing capability allows for the first time the user to create the same time varying lighting conditions found in nature and craved by biological systems as well as newly imagined special spectrums that were heretofore impossible.