Telelumen Installation at RPI Smart Lighting ERC (now LESA)

Multispectral Luminaire (2x2 Troffer)

The Octa Architectural LED troffer offers full spectrum, dynamic lighting with minimum of 2000 lumens. Octa enables lighting possibilities from 1500K to beyond 50,000K, with very high color rendering and color points covering most of the human visual range. 

For a  Octa brochure  please click here. Please inquire directly about the latest available options - Violet and D65.

LED spectra of 16 channel Light Replicator

  • Color channels:  8  (450nm - 660nm)
  • Lumen Output:  >2,000, >90 Rf (TM30)
  • Dynamic Range:  up to 16 bits/color
  • PWM Dimming:  1000:1
  • Controls:  Ethernet
  • Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC
  • (277 VAC for North America Only)
  • 0.43A max, 50/60Hz
  • Housing Frame: Cree CR22
  • Mounting: Recessed 2x2 grid

The Windows based Developer Suite software provides the GUI, analytics engine, and control software for Telelumen's line of spectrally tunable luminaires.  It is designed to be used with a Telelumen Luminaire and an optional Ocean Optics USB4000/USB2000+ spectrometer. The system software executes accurate, easily changeable light spectral power distributions on the Luminaire to be used as a dynamic stimulus for any type of light environment experimentation or lighting design.

To generate a custom SPD, the user has multiple options. An optional spectrometer may be used as input of recorded external light sources and events such as daylight or other luminaires. The user can also set CCT and CRI parameters to generate a reference spectrum as a target or manually adjust each individual LED channel sliders to create the desired spectrum. Another option allows stored files to be downloaded and serve as the reference SPD. The software provides the spectral tuning algorithm to best match the reference target spectrum in the Telelumen Luminaire.

The system has two modes of “playing” light on a Luminaire. First is a user interactive mode where the user manipulates the buttons and sliders on the GUI.  Second mode is to compile output files in the Lumenscript format and download them to the Luminaire local memory for immediate execution.  

 There are many other options, but to see a quick summary of the GUI and the complete system, please click



Light Replicator

TELELUMEN products are unequaled in spectral tuning capability.  

They are the most flexible and intuitive way to create

Spectral Power Distributions  and "Playback" of visible light.

NOTICE: The Telelumen Light Replicator ™ has been discontinued at the end of 2019. For full details see the RESOURCES page.

  • 2,200 Lumens at 5,225K
  • 9.8 Optical Watts
  • 1.3E19 photons/cm2/s at 5,225K
  • Tunable CCT from 1,000K to 100,000K with CRI>90
  • Extended 16 Point Color Gamut
  • Visual Range Coverage (~395-735nm)
  • Color Optimization for Chromaticity
  • Dual-channel recording 
  • 4GB onboard flash Lumenscript memory 

The Telelumen Light Replicator ™ allows, complete freedom to manipulate the visible spectrum. With 16 independent color channels, the spectral power distribution (SPD) can be sculpted to suit the requirements of any application.

Compositions of light can be played back with a dynamic range of a million to one and a refresh rate of 1 kHz. Natural light sources can be captured and faithfully reproduced through spectral tuning for study and experience. 

For a Light Replicator Brochure please click here.